Thinking About College (Acoustic EP)

by Flower Blasé

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These songs are about certain events that happened during my first three semesters of college and how I felt.
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released April 20, 2016

Album Artwork by Tiffany Barba
Vocals and Rhythm Guitar by Paul Medina
Lead Guitar by David Vargas
Recorded live by The Earth Capital Studios in Los Angeles
All songs written by Flower Blasè
Lyrics written by Paul Medina



all rights reserved


Flower Blasé Palmdale, California

We are an indie/emo band who love playing and writing music.

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Track Name: Final Goodbye (Acoustic)
When you called up I should've hung up because I knew who it was
Your voice is always breaking me down

She told me as her voice was breaking he wants to get married and have kids
She told me as her voice was breaking he wants to get married and I'm scared of this shit

I don't know what to do I'm so confused that's why I called you
Can we try to keep this between you and I come we're best friends, you were my best friend, well you were my first love

She wrote me and told me this is our final goodbye
I thought that's funny we've been saying that the past three years of our lives

Well, it went all right at our final goodbye she forgot to order and she thought I was high
It went all right at our final goodbye she thought she forgot her phone and she thought i was stoned

She ended up getting married I hope she's happy for the rest of her life
I'm just chasing dreams trying to do certain things to make this life worth remembering

If I ever see you again let's talk about how we did all the things we ever wanted

Like finish up college or maybe accomplish a dream or three
Track Name: Monday Morning (Acoustic)
I woke up today an ordinary Monday morning
Looked at the foot of my bed and saw those pictures that she gave me
I totally forgot I had band practice with my best friends
I said goodbye to my brother who's going far, far away

My mom gave me money for the books I can't afford
I work a dead end job, four hours a week and I can't take this shit anymore
My girlfriend said let's go for a cup of coffee it's on me
Well there's something about a man's proud that said no babe another time

Today is turning into a day I won't forget I still have to go on campus and buy the books for the classes I haven't studied for yet

I haven't studied yet

My whole body is exhausted I'm drinking self made coffee till I crash fuck it I'm skipping class can I come over
Track Name: Brain Fight (Acoustic)
I'm becoming one with my bed trying to fight off these thoughts I over think in my head
I'm in a death-match with my textbook it's slowly shattering parts of my brain
I swear I'm not going insane but when I find that I'm all alone I start talking to myself
I'm in a self built hell and when I find I'm in an overcrowded room my thoughts get a little to fucken loud

They start screaming and yelling making me feel like I should die
They start screaming and yelling making me overthink every little thing

When I get home from class I'll turn the shower on to the hottest setting
Let the steamy water burn my skin off to mask the undying pain in my brain
It makes me want to light up and take a milky hit to ignore all of this psycho bullshit
There's a volcano on the verge of eruption on the inside of my skull

It makes my head start pounding and aching making me headbutt the wall
My head starts pounding and aching can anything help anything at all

I'm in a bloody knuckle fight between my brain and I
And I don't want you getting caught in the crossfire
You'll surely die from this historical brain fight of mine
So take a step back and cover your eyes

Fuck what I said and come over tonight do whatever you can to make me feel all right
Track Name: Cliff Jumper (Acoustic)
Well, I kinda pushed everyone closest to me off a steep cliff looked down at the water closed my eyes and thought I hope they can swim
It took me a long time to realize what 's in my mind like their eyes are my eyes their eyes are my their eyes are my eyes
We all know karmas a bitch because after two semesters I jumped in I found out they could swim but I hit a rock at the bottom of the cliff
I'll drown here or maybe I'll bleed out it's nice to know this is how I'll go all alone

I want to say thank you to all my oldest friends
For not being there for me till the bitter end

I killed who I was to be who I've become I'm fucked up and I'm not even drunk

A part of growing up is losing everyone you love
Track Name: Third Semester (Acoustic)
She messaged me and asked what I'm doing I said the usual just wasting away
Thinking about college and how I got so depressed my first semester there
I lost my closest friends my first love girlfriend but I gained a new perspective
Yeah I'll be okay I've learned to cope shit I'm twenty years old

I went from playing video games to trying to get laid to falling in love again

I don't know where I'm going but I'm enjoying the whole ride there
When life gets to good to be true it brings you right back down again
I'm staying true to myself I dug out of this self built hell
I learned to love again I learned to breath again I've never been this strong before

I went from shutting the world out to talking it all out to loving what life's about

I've spent nineteen years holding onto the past I'm finally letting go